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Director Knowledge Center

Given the escalating demands on boards today, successfully integrating new talent and perspectives is critical. How quickly a new director is able to integrate and contribute meaningfully to the work of the board and its committees can hinge directly on the quality of that process.

Boards have a responsibility to ensure that all directors, not just those joining a board for the first time, are given proper support. But onboarding is a two-way street and requires a commitment from both the board and the new director.

For onboarding to be successful, it should begin well before the first board meeting, but also be viewed as a long-term process that should be owned by the director and the onboarding leader(s) and should extend beyond an initial orientation.

Whether you are a seasoned director or a first-time board member, our timeline and comprehensive checklists suggest action items to be used to prepare and get up to speed as quickly as possible.